What’s in it for us?

Why your company should engage with this project

  • The issue of plastic pollution is very much in the public consciousness this year
  • Public sentiment is therefore increasingly against this pollution
  • This translates to consumer sentiment, which is particularly focused on single-use plastics
  • Consumers generally are increasingly demanding either reduction and preferably elimination of single-use plastics, or a switch to sustainable alternatives (e.g bioplastics/biodegradable/compostable)
  • Vertical Farming businesses generally target and sell to premium markets.
  • These higher-end consumers are proportionally more likely to be influenced by principles of ethical consumerism and sustainability
  • These consumers can therefore be expected to be most likely to demand action on this issue
  • As an industry we can choose to be either proactive or reactive on this issue
  • Being reactive risks negative consumer sentiment and negative press/publicity. Ultimately this would lead to reduced sales
  • Being proactive, by contrast, means that the industry can be seen as taking a lead on this issue. This means positive press/publicity and positive consumer sentiment. Sales would remain at least unchanged and possibly even benefit
  • Resting on our laurels is rarely, if ever, a viable option for our industry. This is one more issue we can and should get ahead of
  • By coming together to work on this, we can unify and amplify our voice and leadership on this issue, to our collective and mutual benefit.